3 Quick Ways to Say “Thanks”

by Jeremy Powers on March 14, 2011

3 Ways to Say "Thank You"

Few things make your day like receiving a genuine and unexpected “thank you.”  True expressions of gratitude are so rare, a simple handwritten note slaps you with its simple human decency.

If you want to make someone’s day, thank him.  He will remember you for it.

3 Quick ways to say “Thanks!”

1. Mailed card

This is the classic method.  With the growth of electronic communications, however, a mailed card increasingly stands out.  Note:  pre-printed “thank you” direct mailers do not count.  Handwritten comments and envelope addressing is the way to go!

2. Electronic reviews

Mention that great server in your review of a local restuarant on Google Places.  Send a copy of the review via email or mail to the owner.  The business benefits from your positive review.  The employee will appreciate the time you took to mention her by name, and hopefully her manager will begin to notice the extra care she is taking.

3. Fan pages

Most small businesses now have “fan pages” on Facebook.  “Like” your local business’ fan page.  Post your note of gratitude on their page.  Not only is your note in the public domain for other consumers to see, but your post will also show in the stream of your Facebook friends.  Now you are giving thanks and potentially referring customers to the business at the same time!

You will find giving thanks is rewarding for both parties.

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