5 Quick Tips for your Facebook Fan Page

by Jeremy Powers on March 4, 2011

You have likely had mixed or no success with your Facebook fan page.  Despite all of the recent changes, the core of what makes a successful Facebook page has not changed.

1. Page Purpose

You need to let your “fans” know what they should expect from your page right away.  Some businesses primarily promote discounts on their page, but you do not have to do that.  When I introduced my Facebook page to my newsletter subscribers, this is how I described it:

Like many of you, we are a small business.  As a small business, from time to time we tend to “get caught barefoot.”

If you would like to see more of the human side of Winding Staircase (and more marketing ideas), you should “Like” us on Facebook.

We do sometimes promote a new article or service on the page, but mostly, we wanted our Facebook page to be a place where you could get to know us as people, rather than as a monolithic business.

2. Fewer Links

Facebook users prefer the Facebook environment.  Stop trying to send them to other websites. 

3. More Pictures

Go to Winding Staircase Fan Page

Facebook users love images.  The environment does not lend itself to highly customized graphics, so keep it simple.  Webcam pictures are sufficient.  Without the ability to adjust fonts, text colors, or add other common branding elements:  images are the best way to communicate your brand foundations within the Facebook environment.

4. Reduced Frequency

Do not post a new wall post more than once per day.  I have found 2-4 posts per week seems to work well.  You don’t lose fans, but your page still seems active.  Do not repost the same information, link, or image multiple times on your wall.

5. Relax

Be comfortable. This is a permanent record, but it is not an interview on “60 Minutes.” If your fan page is not fun for you, it is likely not fun for your fans.

Your thoughts?

We all have much to learn about effective engagement and brand building on Facebook.  If you have found something that works well for your page (or something that did not work well) please share in the comments.

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Renee Malove

There were 2 things I really liked about this post. First, that you presented your page as a way to get to know the members of your business personally. Social media wasn’t meant to be a traditional advertising medium but, rather, a place where people can get up close and personal with your people. Second, the number of posts. 2-4 posts weekly is good, as is linking your blog. Overkill will definitely turn off your customers. A question though. Should you RSS feed your blog straight to your FB page? Highlight the occasional post? Where do you think that relationship comes into play?

Jeremy Powers

I recommend keeping your website as your home base of operations. I don’t recommend an RSS feed into your fan page.
If you have a post that your Facebook fans will especially appreciate (humor or infographics are always great), then post the link. I recommend staying below 20% of updates should involve a link. If you are posting updates 3 times per week, that means one link every two weeks.

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