5 Tips for Launching an Email Program

by Jeremy Powers on January 10, 2012

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Launching an email campaign to a new or infrequently used list can be tricky. Variables such as geography, recency of contact, recency of sale, and recipient demographics all need to be considered. There are some constants when launching a campaign to a new or “sleeping” list.

Here are some tips:

1. Keep it short

Your first email should be brief. You have small window of opportunity to gaining the recipients’ trust. Preventing opt-outs is a primary objective.

2. Avoid link-stuffing

At most, your first email should have two links. Ideally, you really don’t want any links at all. High numbers of links increase the chances your email will be automatically sorted into the spam folder.

3. One offer maximum

You might consider not including a promotional offer in your first email. Introduce yourself, remind the recipient who you are, and keep it simple. If you do send a promotion, limit yourself to one offer.

4. Sincerely thank the recipient

Any customer allowing you to send them emails is granting you access that they can choose to revoke. Always be sure to thank your customer for allowing you to contact them via email. It saves you time and expense, and they can choose to opt out at any time.

5. Include a P.S.

As with all direct marketing, the headline and the P.S. line are the most likely to be read. Consider using the P.S. line to request the customer add your email address to their address book, which will prevent you from landing in the spam folder in the future.

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