A 105.1 MPH Fastball – Wow!

by Jeremy Powers on September 27, 2010

I know this isn’t really marketing related, but this is simply amazing:

Here’s what we know: Cincinnati Reds left-hander Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch that registered 105 miles per hour on the PETCO Park radar gun Friday night.

Was it the fastest pitch ever?

That’s impossible to say. Bob Feller could have turned an Iowa barn into kindling with a 106-mph heater during the 1930s, without anyone knowing. There isn’t a searchable, clickable log of every pitch in modern history, as there is for home runs.

But was this the hardest pitch in a major-league stadium during the era in which triple-digit fastballs have become commonplace?

That certainly seems to be the case.

The next time you think your story as a small business owner is amazing, think about what it would be like to be a Cuban refugee breaking MLB records.  Please do take five minutes and read the whole article.  (There is a great photograph.)

I will return to my regular marketing blog posts as soon as soon as I pick my jaw up from the floor.

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