A Day without New Information

by Jeremy Powers on June 22, 2010

Today I had another refreshing experience.  Due to heavy storms, the internet at my home and back-up office locations was down.  So other than twice checking email on my mobile, I received no significant amounts of new information today. 

This break from the information super-highway allowed me to work without distraction for 9 glorious hours.  I now have an increased yearning for a cabin in the woods.

After reflection, it has been more than 18 months since I lead a meeting where a “no laptops, no phones, no gadgets” rule was strictly enforced.  It is a meeting format I will re-institute.  If you have never had a meeting with a “no electronics” rule, I recommend you try it.  (I do allow watches in these meetings, but only until I see someone check his wrist twice in ten minutes.)  This format can be especially helpful for core teams that constantly over-use PowerPoint and other presentation software.  If you change the medium, often new insights will emerge.

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