A nice talk by Cameron Herold

by Jeremy Powers on June 17, 2010

If you are unfamiliar with Ted, please consider taking an hour one evening this week and browse around.  As with any open forum, you won’t like everything, but I promise you will be glad you visited.

Before I mention what I like about this video, I want to give one word of caution.  I volunteer with the local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  In this video, Cameron talks about avoiding prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.  If you, your family member, or friend suffer with these issues, you should listen to medical professionals.  Get a second opinion if you like.  DO NOT allow the stigma attached to anti-depressants to impact your decision.  (I neither promote nor disapprove of the use of drugs to treat mental illness.)

Now, with that sidebar complete, I really enjoyed this talk.  While I think “entrepreneur” is an over-used descriptor in our current business environment, I do think Cameron really has nailed one of the primary issues with depending on a centralized education system.  While innovation can certainly be process driven, true innovation requires an organizational culture that empowers those who challenge the status quo.  If innovators and entrepreneurs are taught to keep their ideas to themselves, to go-along and get-along, who will interrupt the CEO and tell him why he is wrong?  The next big idea is worthless if it is not presented, evaluated, and chased.

Does your organization have an “innovation manager?”  Does that person interact with the rest of your organization?  Could your accounting team handle having him joining their weekly meetings?

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