Now that you have an impressive new website for your service business, it is time to entice some prospective customers to look at it. There so many options to generate traffic to a website, let’s add some limitations to our conversation. For this program, I am assuming you have the following limitations: You have a […]

Successfully marketing your company will involve spending money. Spending money is easy. Spending money intelligently is more difficult. Marketing your company is hard work. Before we start, take out a notepad. There are going to be some questions for you to write down, and your honest answers will lead you toward more business and higher […]

Marketing Your Company – 5 Tools you Need

by Jeremy Powers on June 27, 2011

Starting a new company is tough work. If you have navigated the legal requirements to start-up, you know what I am talking about: taxes, accounting, employment law, zoning restrictions, and the list goes on and on. Now that you have put in all of that work, it is time to start marketing your company! Yippee!  […]

Service Business Marketing: Communicate the Obvious

by Jeremy Powers on May 28, 2011

Sales of your service business are weak. You can blame the economy. You can call it bad luck, bad timing, or bad karma. Maybe your service business just had some bad sales reps.  Maybe your service business needs a branding facelift and a new website. Poor assumptions cause poor sales There are many causes for […]

Service Business Website: 7 Design Tips

by Jeremy Powers on May 3, 2011

Is your service business in desperate need of a website overhaul?  Are you losing potential customers because your website makes a poor impression? Service business websites – Keep it simple Everything about your business needs to be efficient.  Your website is no exception.  Here are 7 Web Design Tips for service businesses. 1. Build a […]