Managing with Leadership

by Jeremy Powers on September 8, 2010

You young lieutenants have to realize that your platoon is like a piece of spaghetti.  You can’t push it.  You’ve got to get out in front and pull it.

 – General George S. Patton, Jr.

Patton’s speeches are filled with great quotable lines on leadership, and I have always loved the imagery of this particular line.  You can feel how frustrating it would be to try to push a piece of spaghetti.  The line is memorable and true.  When you become frustrated with your organization, do you stop to question if you are trying to push rather than pull your team?  Are you the first to arrive at the office?  Are you passionate and enthusiastic about your business?  Are your employees managed, or are they inspired?

Every week, you should be visiting with customers, answering the main phone line, and talking with your employees about what they see happening in your industry.  The desire to do better and be more is contagious.

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