Marketing your company – 3 Questions before you advertise

by Jeremy Powers on July 21, 2011

Write down the answers to these questionsSuccessfully marketing your company will involve spending money.

Spending money is easy. Spending money intelligently is more difficult.

Marketing your company is hard work.

Before we start, take out a notepad. There are going to be some questions for you to write down, and your honest answers will lead you toward more business and higher profits. Reading this article and then moving on to the next article is not going to help you. Marketing your company requires work, hard, risky, intense work. So let’s get serious, shall we?

I will only repeat myself only once today, and now is the time:  Stop reading. Get something to write with. Let’s close this office door too, shall we? Ok, now let’s talk about how to get some sales.

Question #1 – What do you sell?

What is it, exactly, you sell? I don’t think you know. In fact, if you are like most business owners, you have no idea what you sell. Many businesses survive for years, decades even, without understanding the value proposition of their products.

Here is an example: Most of my networking partners tell their customers that I build websites, create effective direct mail, or provide sales efficiency expertise. While all of these statements are true, I am not in the business of selling websites, direct mail, or sales consulting. I sell sales. More specifically, clients come to me with one consistent demand: “help me sell more!”

These clients often think they know what they need (a website, for example), but their real desire is to increase revenue. (Actually, their root desire is probably less stress, more free time, or more toys.)

So what do you sell? What basic need or desire are you fulfilling?

Question #2 – Who do you sell to?

Knowing who uses or benefits from your service is not the same thing as knowing who you sell to. There are several categories of people you might be selling to.

End User – The end user is who most people think of when marketing. Who benefits from your service?

Economic Buyer – The economic buyer is the person with the money or the permission to spend money for your product. Who has the budget authority?

Gatekeeper – The gatekeeper is anyone that stands between you and either the end user or the economic buyer. Besides the economic buyer and end user, who else is involved in this transaction?

You may need to market to one, two, or all three of these groups to succeed. Take a moment and identify who the end user, economic buyer, and gatekeepers are for your business. Are you marketing to the right people?

Question #3 – Why buy from you?

Why should I choose you? There are a lot of (insert your business type here) out there. Tell me. Enlighten me. Educate me. Is your company different from the competition? How?

If you have the best solution, what makes it the best?

Marketing your company – The difficult part is free

You have identified what you sell, who you sell, and what makes you the best option. So far, you have not spent a dime, and your confidence your marketing should be increasing by the minute.

Let’s see how you did. In the comments, tell me who you sell to and why they should buy from you.

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Michele Price

Funny I have seen grown people break down in tears when they realize they do not have a handle on what they sell. So glad you are bringing this to their attention.

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