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by Jeremy Powers on November 30, 2010

Stop mousing over the image and read the articles.

While you were enjoying your turkey this past week, I found a few items you might be interested in.  I figured you wouldn’t want all this reading homework during the holiday.  I saved your links until you got back to work.  (I know, I am a nice guy.)  Here is your assigned reading:

The one sure-fire way to get more clicks and RTs for your blog posts

Write better headlines.

That’s no big relevation, and there’s a lot that goes into writing better headlines.  I’ll refer you to someone like @Copyblogger who has written a great series on writing better headlines.

But there’s one area I wanted to focus on when it comes to headlines.  I share a lot of links on Twitter because I am trying to find helpful information for my followers.

How to write three blog posts a day

Some of us love to write. Some of us need rituals to get there. Others of us need to get “into the groove” (or the zone) to get writing. Some of us have a time of day to write. There are all these variables. And yet, if we’re looking to build content that drives business (or that advances our cause, or that informs our audience), then we have to get the work done when we can do it.

I write upwards of 4000 words a day on various projects.

How connecting your LinkedIn contacts builds social influence

Are you wondering how to leverage your presence on LinkedIn to build social influence?

Regularly updating your status, joining and participating in groups, and answering questions is just the start.

How the little guy can make the advantage

It was always that way in the family pictures. My two big brothers on the sides and little me in the middle. I was never as big, as experienced or as quick as my big brothers. For as long as I could see, I was never going to be able to catch up. They would have a more exciting life with more friends and more cool experiences. It was no fun being the littlest.Then one day when I was about eight, my 16-year-old brother challenged me to a game of hide-and-seek for a pile of Monopoly money.

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