My first Mini Saga – The Nuts

by Jeremy Powers on June 16, 2010

Queen of hearts playing card

I am not sure when I first started reading Rajesh Setty.  I understand the concept of a “Mini Saga” is not his.  Rajesh indicates on his site the idea came from Daniel Pink.  Regardless of where the format originated, I think it is perfect for our 5 second culture; a Mini Saga is a story told with exactly 50 words.  I have always wanted to publish one.  Introducing, my first Mini Saga:

The Nuts

Joe did not understand the game.  After the turn card, he had the best possible hand.  The queen and jack of his straight were both pocket cards.  He was unstoppable.  He bet everything.  The third heart on the river was a bad sign.  He stood and left the table quietly.

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