Service Business Website: 7 Design Tips

by Jeremy Powers on May 3, 2011

Neon Sign for One hour service

Is your service business in desperate need of a website overhaul?  Are you losing potential customers because your website makes a poor impression?

Service business websites – Keep it simple

Everything about your business needs to be efficient.  Your website is no exception.  Here are 7 Web Design Tips for service businesses.

1. Build a site that loads quickly and properly

People are impatient.  You have worked hard to get a prospective customer to visit your site.  Do not lose them now!  Check that your website loads properly in all of the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome).  If your service business can’t quickly and effectively serve up a simple business website, why would anyone trust you to service their home or business?

2. Make a good first impression

The header image, logo, color palette, and layout of your site are critical.  These are the first aspects of your website visitors will notice.  Your website is likely the most comprehensive and interactive engagement with your brand a prospective customer will have.

The subconscious question each visitor is asking himself is, “Does this company seem reputable and ‘put-together?’”

3. Include a phone number

Many visitors to your website are actually referrals.  A friend, neighbor, or family-member gave the visitor the name of your company.  After a quick search, they found your website.  If the site makes a good first impression (see tips 1 & 2), they are ready to make the call.

Neon Phone Number

Can they find your phone number?  Is it on the home page?  Is it on every page?

4. Answer common questions

You probably answer the same half dozen questions before you close any sale.

Are you bonded and insured?  Are you a member of a trade association?  Are you certified?  How long has your company been in business?  How long have you been doing this type of work?  Do you guarantee your work?

Answering these questions on your business website will help build trust with visitors.  Equally important, it will make your conversation with the client more focused on his needs rather than on the qualifications of your company.

5. Show me what you look like

You don’t necessarily need to show a picture of YOU, the owner.  Just show website visitors what your company looks like.  Do your technicians wear uniforms?  Does your company use vehicles with your logo on them?

Company Trucks

You can help potential customers visualize what it would be like to work with your company if you allow them to see some of your company.

6. Tell me how to buy from you

Do you go to a prospect’s location and provide an assessment?  Is the assessment free?

How often/long will your company be at the same location?  Do prospects need to be on-site when you are?

Your prospects should never call you feeling unsure about how “this works.”  Letting prospects know what to expect builds their confidence and reduces friction in the sales process.

7. Get a real-life conversation

You have been told at least two dozen times this month about the importance of “engaging your customers.”  Social Media is all the rage right now, and suddenly you want people to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 15 other social sites.  You want them to give you permission to email your newsletter.  You would sure love for your prospects to “digg” or “stumble” your blog articles, even though you really don’t know what that means.

Remember:  The objective is to move your prospective customer one step closer to becoming a paying customer.  For your business, the quickest and simplest way to do this is to talk to your customer.  I mean talk to him, as in, on the phone or in-person.

Be selective in asking your prospective customers to do anything that does not get you a conversation with them.

What is your advice?

Do you have advice for service business owners looking to improve their website?  Add your $0.02 in the comments.

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Ron Harper

Nailed it! The most important tips, and concisely presented. Good job, Jeremy.

Jeremy Powers

Thanks Ron. Building a website is a difficult task for business owners. Often the simple things are forgotten. I am glad you found the article helpful!

Mark Sommerville, MBA

Had a presentation this morning on the importance of websites. Wish that presenter had this brief concise list. Great Job!

Jeremy Powers

Mark – Websites are important. There are still many businesses that either do not have a website or have a poorly designed website.

Also, bear in mind, web designers are often introverted people. A code guru usually makes a terrible presenter.

Glad to see you are still reading my articles!

Michelle Beckham

Great post Jeremy! Lots of good tips to help a business standout among the competition.

Jeremy Powers

Hi Michelle – I expect you coach people with some of the same advice when it comes to social media: make a good first impression, have a purpose, and make it easy for them to contact you.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to share the article with friends you think would benefit. Talk to you again soon!

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