Sorry Readers

by Jeremy Powers on June 15, 2010

While trying to improve the load time and general functionality of my website, yesterday the site went down.  I apologize.  Working with copy and graphical layout is something I do all the time.  For my own site, however, I decided to try my hand at some web-development.  There are many tools that make the process of building and maintaining your own site easier, but as with everything, there is a learning curve.  I promise not to make my site too much of a training playground.  To my current and prospective clients:  relax, I use very experienced web designers when building and maintaining your sites.  (The toilets never flush in a plumber’s house.)

There will continue to be improvements to the look and function of the site over the next few months.  I promise to try to prevent any downtime, however, by testing locally from now on.  🙂

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