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Proven. Effective. Marketing.PROVEN. EFFECTIVE. MARKETING.

Winding Staircase is a different kind of marketing firm. Our principles are simple:  work hard, be honest, and get it done.

If you want web marketing that is both effective and ethical, you have come to the right place.

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Jeremy is a person of consistent and unbending integrity. He is an honest and thoughtful communicator.

Jeff Scanlon – Vice President – Sales & Marketing, 3E Trading Company LLC

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  • Email marketing
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  • Advertising on the internet
  • Facebook for business
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  • Capturing leads online
  • Building an efficient sales funnel


…dependable style leads to building confidence in those who work with him to deliver the desired results. He is creative and has the talent to work with fact based material to deliver a business plan for success. He personally supported my effort to deliver a new product line at Walgreen Drug and with his effort the project was not only successful, it set the bench mark for the entire trade class on this particular product line.

William Schildman – Director of Sales—Drug and Grocery, Jarden Corporation

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Jeremy is a no nonsense, dependable, straight shooting executive whom I can recommend without hesitation. When problems arise Jeremy is a solution finder. He is a true team player with no alternative agendas but to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. It is always a pleasure working with Jeremy.

Sheila McCann Morrison – Director of Innovation, Chiquita Brands International

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