“I have learned that having an expert provide a marketing strategy is well worth the money. As a small business owner, I have tried for several years to do it all myself. I am an Independent Living Specialist and help elders and persons with disabilities live at home. I hired Jeremy Powers of Winding Staircase and am very pleased with the help he provided. His website is windingstaircasellc.com. Good luck!”

Marnie Renda – Owner, Destination Home LLC

“Jeremy is extremely bright, talented and hard working. He was able to make good brand-conscience decisions and get answers when needed enabling the design department to expedite projects effectively. Jeremy will do what it takes to see a project come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.”

Scott Gray – Senior Designer, Jarden Corporation

“I recommend Jeremy Powers without reservation. He has consistently exhibited strong leadership through solid business planning, program development, and disciplined decision-making. Jeremy has honed a broad range of high professional skills including operational leadership, financial acumen, and team building. He has a collaborative spirit and was a pleasure to partner with on various initiatives.”

Elise Ring – Senior Brand Manager, Bakery Crafts

“Jeremy (was) a work horse for our new products and branding team. His internal communication skills are exemplary. He was able to communicate the benefits of products to both consumers and retail gatekeepers through packaging, trade communications, and strategic presentations. Jeremy also has excellent supply chain and sourcing competencies, which when combined with his finance education, enabled him to lead cross-functional projects very effectively.

Jeremy is a person of consistent and unbending integrity. He is an honest and thoughtful communicator.

I recommend Jeremy to any organization seeking a credible and effective leader.”

Jeff Scanlon – Vice President – Sales & Marketing, 3E Trading Company LLC

“Jeremy is a passionate individual with tremendous integrity and ambition.  Our chapter had operated “in the red” for several years before Jeremy volunteered.  Our financial stewardship and annual fundraising were immediately improved.  Jeremy’s confident communication style and business acumen have been critical to strengthening the core of our chapter’s leadership team communication and our financial foundation.”

Dr. Tracey Goodman Skale – Medical Director & Psychiatrist, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

“Jeremy served as a functional expert on several large initiatives, and was a key component to the turn-around of (Chiquita’s) North American division.

Jeremy is a strong balance of high energy and confident calm.  Through training and travel, Jeremy gained communication expertise and cultural awareness; he has the unique ability to effectively and efficiently communicate complex situations to broad groups of stakeholders.  Jeremy understands macro situations and how to improve them by informing and aligning different groups to necessary action.

Jeremy is a highly motivated person, and he is an extremely quick study.  I highly recommend Jeremy for strategy, communication, and leadership.”

Jeff Filliater – Chief Marketing Officer, UniRush LLC

“Jeremy is an individual that maintains focus to obtain desired results. He is detail oriented with his analysis and recommendations. He works well in group settings and takes the lead to make sure a project is completed within the determined timeline. I also feel his dependable style leads to building confidence in those who work with him to deliver the desired results. He is creative and has the talent to work with fact based material to deliver a business plan for success. He personally supported my effort to deliver a new product line at Walgreen Drug and with his effort the project was not only successful, it set the bench mark for the entire trade class on this particular product line.”

William Schildman – Director of Sales—Drug and Grocery, Jarden Corporation

“Jeremy is a no nonsense, dependable, straight shooting executive whom I can recommend without hesitation. When problems arise Jeremy is a solution finder. He is a true team player with no alternative agendas but to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. It is always a pleasure working with Jeremy.”

Sheila McCann Morrison – Director of Innovation, Chiquita Brands International