Three Hours = A Happy You

by Jeremy Powers on June 14, 2010

I hope you had an enjoyable and refreshing holiday weekend.  If you forgot to thank a veteran, it is not too late.  Drop a quick note in the mail to a veteran in your family, letting them know you had been thinking of their service all weekend.

I had a very refreshing weekend, and with hindsight, I understand my satisfaction came from working on the weekend.  No, I was not working for clients or non-profits, but I was working for my family and for me.  This weekend I chose a 3 hour project I have been avoiding for nearly two years:  cleaning out the shed.  The family shed came pre-loaded with clutter from the previous homeowner, and over the years, I have done a good job of making it a black hole of tools, garden materials, and power equipment.  Some of these items have found their way out from time to time, but most simply disappear in the shed and are never seen again.  An abbreviated list of some of the things I found in my shed:  2-year-old lawn fertilizer, 3 rotted garden hoses, at least a half dozen broken gardening tools, several coffee cans of different unknown chemical powders, and a collection of dog chew toys for an unknown animal. 

After a short afternoon, I now am proud to say I have a clean, inviting, and useful storage facility.  I know my outdoor chores will be completed more quickly this summer.  I also expect I will be swearing significantly less when it is time to pull out the ol’ push-mower.

Why, you must be wondering, am I blogging about it?  Well, dear reader, I am writing about it in hopes my experience might motivate you to tackle some task you have been subconsciencly avoiding.  In a world of consultative sales, social marketing, and never-ending projects, there is a unique satisfaction that comes from deciding to complete a task and then completing it, 100%, in the same day.  I can not describe the simplicity of it. 

Here are some simple tasks I have found most professionals avoid, but I always found oddly satisfying once complete:

  • Clean your car, PC, desk, whatever – You know where your clutter is.  In 30 minutes you could be on your way to a better week.
  • Reformat your PC – There are lots of websites than can walk you through this.  If your PC is more than 1-year-old, I promise this exercise will pay dividends.
  • Write that letter – If you are like most people, you have at least one letter you have been wanting to write, possibly for months.  Often, the pending letter is a complaint letter to a company.  Sometimes, the letter is a more traditional business correspondence.  Occassionally, you have been meeting to send a congratulatory or thank you note.  Whatever it is, write it.

If you will take the 30 minutes to 3 hours it takes to complete one of these, or another task you have been avoiding, you will have a more positive outlook on your week.  Without question, your renewed positive outlook will have an impact on your productivity.

Author Note:  This was originally posted on June 2, 2010.

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