Twitter Craziness-I was Animated

by Jeremy Powers on March 25, 2011

This is too much.

Have you ever had something happen you simply could not have imagined?

Twitter is more than just good for business.  It is fun.

This week I was drawn as a stick figure by someone I have never met or talked to on the phone.  Here is the first time.  “OMG Look at the MAN Strippers.”

You will note the super awesome gym shoes.  Solid.

Once was just not enough.

Apparently, the fine ladies in the #usguys Twitter stream just could not get enough, because I was animated again within days.  Here is the second time:  “Naked STICK Figures.”

How can you tell if a stick figure is naked?  I am still not sure.

Twitter: a platform I nearly quit the first week.

If you have tried Twitter and quit:  try it again. Yes, the first week feels like you are talking to yourself.  Stick with it, though, and you will meet some really fun and relevant people.  I don’t use twitter to find customers.  After this week, though, nothing that comes from Twitter could surprise me.  It wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up building a website for someone I originally met there.

Why didn’t I quit Twitter, like so many have before me?

In a word, luck.  I had been commenting in the “Sales Play Book” group, and followed some of the members on Twitter.  One (or possibly two) of them were commenting using the #usguys hashtag, and I wondered into the group.  The minute I introduced myself to the group, it was like a fog of Twitter confusion had lifted.

These folks were having a very fast, informed, and public conversation about web marketing.  I did the Twitter equivalent of stepping into a room of strangers and coughing loudly.  The room goes momentarily silent.  Then, like a big (slightly inebriated) cousin at a wedding, I heard from the gang, “Hey, c’mon over here and tell us what you think of . . . ”  “Hey, somebody bang the gong for the new guy.”  Outstanding. Somebody point me to the coffee.

Twitter is now my favorite Social Media platform.

This is how social media works.  You have to stick with it.  Once it clicks, it can have a dramatically positive impact on your business and life.  Thanks to social media, I have had some great conversations with marketers, writers, and designers from across the country.  In the first weeks of any platform, unless you have a guide or existing group of friends to get you going, it can be lonely.  You just have to stick it out until you find a smart and welcoming crowd, like #usguys.

Thanks to Twitter I can now proudly display this badge:

The Animated Woman - Badge of Honor

Thanks to Twitter, #usguys are keeping me current on the latest and greatest in web marketing.  Thanks to Twitter, smart people are taking my calls and giving me outstanding business advice.  Thanks to Twitter, the first year of owning a business has been a little less lonely.

What has your Twitter experience been?

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Twitter before.  What were your experiences in the first months?  What about now?

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The Animated Woman


I love Twitter … I love the immediacy of feedback on anything I throw at it. From testing the engagement level on story concepts, to tech issues, to hugs and kisses; when I ask, twitter gives.

Thank-you times a million for letting me draw you Jeremy!

Jeremy Powers

Thanks for the comment and the illustration! You gave me a great way to show my readers how social media can be fun.

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