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by Jeremy Powers on December 23, 2010

I know you aren’t going to look at these posts on Friday or Saturday . . . right?  I will put them out there today, and if you get a chance today or Monday, please take the time to read them.

Here are your suggested reading links:

Lean In

When you visit a small business, lean in and take a little peek thru that half opened storeroom door.  You just might be able to see a little arm attached to a littler hand holding a bright crayon scribbling away on papers laying about that worktable.  Of course then you realize, that Kristen who is tallying the receipts out front, is this little one’s Mommy. . . .

Do you reward incompetence?

The issue here is the perception of value: it’s not what we’re getting, it’s how much effort the other person puts in. Would you pay for incompetence? Before you answer watch this video. . .

Dear Facebook, Please Return our Social Networking Space

About a month ago there was a loud outcry when Facebook inexplicably introduced a smaller font size to its News Feed. The lack of communication from Facebook while making a significant change is sadly nothing new. You could tell that the angry and highly upset Facebook users that day knew instinctively that this event was not in their best interest. . . .

Law Firm Marketing Research:  Executives Rely on Internet to find Lawyers

A new survey by branding firm Greenfield/Belser and The Brand Research Company, spotlights that executive-level buyers are online, in droves and that search engines are a key tool for learning about professionals. . . .

Helping Entreprenuers Succeed:  Steve Blank

This week, we again present startup guru Steve Blank, a retired, highly-successful serial entrepreneur (with 30+ years of venture experience) and one of the smartest startup guys out there.  In this powerful clip (courtesy of the Shoshin Project), Steve discusses, among other things, (i) the importance of hubris, vision and passion; (ii) how entrepreneurship is a “calling” – “not a job”; (iii) the importance of getting out of the building to learn what the customer wants; and (iv) how a startup is “nothing more than a series of guesses.”  I hope you enjoy it. . . .

Merry Christmas!

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