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by Jeremy Powers on January 7, 2011

There have been a lot of posts and articles this week on new year’s resolutions.  I am going to skip most of the 2010 “year in review” and 2011 “lets make this THE year” posts.  If you are like me, you are weary of those already.  Here are some good articles to cap your week:

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

The diamond invention—the creation of the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable, and are essential signs of esteem—is a relatively recent development in the history of the diamond trade. Until the late nineteenth century, diamonds were found only in a few riverbeds in India and in the jungles of Brazil, and the entire world production of gem diamonds amounted to a few pounds a year. In 1870, however, huge diamond mines were discovered near the Orange River, in South Africa, where diamonds were soon being scooped out by the ton. Suddenly, the market was deluged with diamonds. The British financiers who had organized the South African mines quickly realized that their investment was endangered; diamonds had little intrinsic value—and their price depended almost entirely on their scarcity. The financiers feared that when new mines were developed in South Africa, diamonds would become at best only semiprecious gems.

4 Social Media Marketing Predictions

Ah, social media marketing. Fewer things are so lavishly spent on, yet so poorly measured.

Here are a few predictions for 2011 related to where the smart money and dumb money will go.

Google AdWords or Bust

Without a doubt, Google is a very cool, large company.  Many of us enjoy their free services: Gmail, Gchat, Google Talk, the Google search engine, etc. 

The pay-for services, however, like Google AdWords — where users create and run ads for their business on the Google advertising network and pay on a pay-per-click basis — create a separate relationship with the company. Those who partake enjoy the marketing reach Google has at a cost, and those who refuse say the Google marketplace is over-saturated and not worth the competitive fight.

10 Tips to address the Pint Consulting Phenomenom in the Digital Media Industry

Let’s face it, Digital/Social Media Marketing is a HOT industry topic right  now. Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, just made Time Magazine’s Cover Issue as Person of the Year for 2010. Everyone wants a piece of the information pie…..

Have a great weekend!

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