Weekend Reading – Marketing Articles

by Jeremy Powers on February 11, 2011

Each week I do my best to distill all of the marketing articles I have read into a concise list of recommended reading for you.  Here is this week’s list of recommended marketing articles:

17 Offers to Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

Last time, we established that there are three things you must do to create effective direct response advertising:

  1. Make an offer.
  2. Provide sufficient information to allow your prospect to accept your offer.
  3. Provide an easy means of responding to your offer.

My 5 Favorite, but Often Ignored, Marketing Tactics

You hear about marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and email marketing all the time. You know they are effective, but they are so broad that it leaves you confused on how you actually can leverage those tactics for your website, right?

Well don’t worry, I am not going to discuss broad topics like that in this blog post, but instead I am going to break down 5 simple tactics that you should be using to increase your traffic and sales.

The Secrets to Landing Pages that Work

Yesterday, Brian told you how to avoid hopelessly screwing up your landing pages.

But does that guarantee your landing page is good, much less great?

Survey says … not so much.

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