Weekend Reading- Marketing Articles for April 1, 2011

by Jeremy Powers on April 1, 2011

Each week I do my best to distill all of the marketing articles I have read into a concise list of recommended reading for you.  Here is this week’s list of recommended marketing articles:

Inspiring Direct Mail Envelope Samples

The down economy has killed a lot of the fun and creativity of direct mail in the last few years.

But if my phone is any indication (the plastic is melting from all the calls), the economy is getting ready to roar back to life.

So I thought I’d dive into my big stack of stuff and pull out some envelope samples to give you a little inspiration. . . .

Your Logo is a Business Tool

. . . He went on to tell us that he really doesn’t like his logo.  It doesn’t tell his company’s story very well, it’s a little expected and in his opinion, it isn’t very attractive.  So the first project he’d like us to launch is a logo re-design.

I took a deep breath and told him no.

Now… granted I said it with more words…and nicer.  But basically I said this . . .

Google +1 and the Rise of Social SEO

. . . I’m a really big fan of this from Google – they seem to be doing a lot of things right with social at the moment and this seems to be universally received as positive by the twittersphere. It’s a lot of fun and ridiculously intuitive to +1 something and I can really see this catching on. . .

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