Weekend Reading – Marketing Articles for March 18, 2011

by Jeremy Powers on March 18, 2011

Each week I do my best to distill all of the marketing articles I have read into a concise list of recommended reading for you.  Here is this week’s list of recommended marketing articles:

Help for the Looooong Sales Cycle

For us business folks, the sales cycles are getting longer.  It feels like it is taking longer than ever for prospects to close or move to the next step or to just say “no” and allow us to move on.  That hurts.  That also makes us crazy. (Fortunately crazy is a tamer version of insane).

One of the biggest reason sales cycles are getting so long is that there is just so much information out there.

PPC Advertising Online

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising online can be a very cost-effective addition to marketing plans – most of us know that. But the world of PPC advertising is expanding into new opportunities. Lately, many business owners have asked me about different kinds of PPC advertising, with questions like, “What about Facebook?” or“Is Bing worth it?” It seems time for me to publicly address some of these questions for my readers.

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